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Monday, August 24, 2015

We sent off our third grader and kindergartner to school last Tuesday and then our last to preschool on Thursday.  What a week full of excitement, nerves, and new beginnings.

I noted some things I feel need to be shared.  Life hacks if you will.  I'm certain these will make your day easier.  In fact, I've already heard from others who have taken my advice.  

First day of school observations:
When Anna Claire started kindergarten I had a fresh out of the NICU Alli (literally just home days) and a 2 year old Ava to get back home to. I didn't have time to cry. So this time around, not realizing the flood gates would open, I wasn't prepared when I came home.

1) When your sweet friend tells you to go to Target INSTEAD of going home, she's speaking from experience. Go to Target, y'all. Do NOT go home. I repeat. Do not go home. Do not look in their room. Do not look at their toys. Do not look at their clothes hanging in their closet. 

2) Making lunch for 2 kids in the morning is entirely different than making lunch for 1. Lunches should be made the night before. You MUST get over your fears of Listeria and any and all other food borne illnesses caused from food sitting in your refrigerator over night (a place it would already be anyway). This is not just a good idea for the first day of school, this is a good idea for everyday. 

3) Arrive late for the first day of school. Don't leave any room for anyone to have high expectations. That way, when you are on your A game, it's just that much more special. 

Follow that advice and your day should go off without a hitch.  I do wish I could rewind and do this day over though.  It went entirely too fast.  ;-)

Getting ready to read "The Night before Kindergarten."

Those sweet hands.  Both of them.  ;-)

Big Sis reading "A Fine, Fine School."

Ava's bags are packed!

Anna Claire's are also ready!

Filling out her Back to School Interview (in her snuggie)!  Ha!

Bacon and eggs, please!

For real, y'all!  Third grade.  She's a beauty.  Inside.and.out.

I normally make my own chalkboard sign, but the night before school (oh, say around midnight) I realized that it was missing.  Gasp.  Thank God for etsy.  I found these super cute instant downloadable signs here!  I slapped them in a frame and called it a night. 

Oh how I miss this girl during the day!

Showing off her big girl backpack.  Ava picked out the Mackenzie Plum Glitter Heart Backpack and lunchbox from Pottery Barn kids.  It can be found here.  For Ava I chose the "small" and was scared it would be too small.  It's actually the perfect size and she simply loves it!

Anna Claire loves anything rainbow and chevron.  When she saw this backpack in Pottery Barn Teen, she wouldn't look at anything else.  It's absolutely the perfect size and she will be able to carry it for a few years. 

My right and left arm.

My photographer needs some assistance.  #blurrymuch ;-)

I failed to get a good picture of these water bottles I made for the teachers, but they turned out super cute!  Quick last minute first day of school gift....get your Cricut out and cut some letters, stuff the jar full of chocolate, a Starbucks gift card, and call it a day. 

My eyes are burning.  My eyes are burning!  This is as good as it gets when you roll in 2 minutes before the bell rings.  With 3 kids.  On the first day of school.  See what I mean?  Set the stage the first day of school.  ;-)

I can't blame my husband on these blurry photos.  It could be the fact that I was slinging snot watching this girl walk to her kindergarten classroom.  #slowthistraindown #forrealthistime

After school the girls wanted popcorn and sparkling ice (instead of the cupcakes I had shock).  Anna Claire couldn't get her clothes off fast enough and her floppy's on (she's so my child).  They were off to ride bikes.  After a little riding they came and settled in, had their snack, and were so excited to tell me about their day.

Going through Ava's "take home folder"


I LOVED hearing all about their day and I LOVED even more that I could hold onto them.  This Mama missed her babes.  

On Thursday it was Alli's turn for school!  Until her IEP is amended at the end of this month, she can only go for 1.5 hours once a week.  Alli did so well.  I put that backpack on her and she KNEW where she was going.  

Watching Alli walk into school amazes me.  Here we have a girl that was never suppose live let alone walk into a preschool.  Seeing her story continue to unfold and watching God's unfailing love for her is one of the greatest honors of my life.  

Alli's first day of school was incredible!  She had trouble on the playground taking turns on the swing, but the cute factor came out when she and another nonverbal child held hands back to class after recess.  I mean, c'mon.  No words.  

Week 1 is in the books for the A Team!  I could not have asked for a better week and I am so excited to see these girls grow this year.   

But, I pray it

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  1. Love this whole post! Precious precious family, Jackie! Praying for your girls this year!


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