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Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy Friday, y'all!! 

We have survived our first week of school!  Next week is the first full week AND after school activities start up so I'm soaking up all this free time.  It has been such a good week.  I won't lie, I had a lump in my throat this time last week, but everything has gone off well!  I don't know about anyone else, but I'm struggling to get organized and get back in the groove.  We'll get there!??  Right??!  Tell me I'm right!  ;-)

How has your week been?  Are your kids back in school yet? 

I'm linking up again for Friday Favorites!  

{one-back to school}

I'm struggling to get our back to school pictures posted, but I WILL sooner rather than later.  With that said, yesterday I had ALL 3 girls off to school.  For the first.time.ever.  Is this even real life?!  What did I do for the 1.5 hours Alli was in school??!  Come home and clean toilets.  Ahhhh, it's the little things.  #hallelujah #bejealous


I'm cautiously optimistic that we may be close to a building vs buying decision.   I thought we were getting close to a decision earlier this year, but life always happens.  This time we're fueled by the fact the owner of our rental home is listing this house.  I'm not remotely concerned that it will sell fast, but it certainly makes you start thinking.  AND it's way overdue anyhow.  This house, while not meant to be permanent when we moved to Branson, has served it's purpose and it's time to say adios!!  I mean, it still may be December before we do anything, but we're moving in the right direction.  So here's to brushing off and adding to Home Plans and Feels Like Home Boards (among MANY others)!   

{three-this song}

Just listen.  So good.


John and I have talked a lot about joy this week and how somewhere along the way the enemy got in and snatched it away from us.  Caught up in raising kids, moving, marriage struggles and reconciliation, special needs parenting, owning a business, and the mundane daily tasks our joy was taken.  And we didn't even notice.  Our joy.  We lost it.


Quite the moment of freedom calling each other out.  I love that we can love like this.  Never again.  Circumstances, life, raising children, daily mundane tasks, the load of special needs parenting, owning a business will not dictate our joy.  Only my flesh can kill joy.   


This kid had her kindergarten shots on Monday.  I know, I know....a little late to the party.  Not even kidding.  The bravery exhibited in this child is like nothing I've seen before.  Not a tear.  She has seen her sister go through so much and she (at only 6 years old) realizes these shots are nothing compared to what her sister has gone through and continues to face.  Lord, make more like my kids!  

Be brave. 

I'm so welcoming this weekend with open arms.  I can smell September!  Happy weekend!  

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  1. Your. girls. are. gorgeous! So glad I found your blog! I love that you call them the A team haha!


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