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Friday, August 28, 2015

Fast and furious has been this week.  And so will be this Friday Favorites linkup with....

 {one-PTO memes}

So this isn't exactly a favorite right now, because I'm knee deep in preparing for our school's PTO fundraising kickoff and realizing that I should have my head examined and be committed for signing up for this gig, but....

I just can't help but think this needs to happen.  

Genius.  Pure.genius.

 And this.  Quit possibly no truer words have ever been spoken.

I can't stop laughing.

  {two-school days}

Alli's second day of school was yesterday and how cute is she marching across the parking lot with that MJ backpack.  Dying.   

She's perfect.

Ava's teacher posted this on FB the other day.  My girl is LOVING Kindergarten.  L-O-V-I-N-G

Third grade is going extremely well!  Anna Claire is enjoying being the "big kid on campus."  She is also loving having her little sis, Ava, in the same building.  She is always so excited to tell me when she has seen her in the halls, cafeteria, etc.

{three-Zen Bodi}

Not.even.kidding Zen Bodi is rocking my world!  And kicking my cravings to.the.curb.  And isn't that just the best waterbottle??!    Best.Trunk.Keeper.EVER.

{four-dance days} 

The girls started dance back up this week and as much as it pains me that they are gone so much, I LOVE that they have a thing.  And they love that thing. 

Such a sweet group of Baby Stars.  They are going to have a great team this year!
{five-the smell of fall}  
Should I really caption this??!  Burning this baby NOW and OHHHH MMMMM GEEEE, y'all.  It's almost FALL!!!!

Happy, Happy Friday!  I pray you all have an incredible weekend and I look forward to catching up with your Friday favs.  


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  1. The back-to-school pictures of your kids are adorable. That candle sounds fantastic. It makes me so excited for Fall, which is my favorite season. Have a great weekend.


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