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Friday, August 14, 2015

I'm linking up again for Friday Favorites and adding a few new link ups!  I have absolutely fallen in love with reading everyone's favs.  Another reason to LOVE Friday, right!?

{one-sweet friendships} 

On Tuesday Ava and I went to dinner with 2 other Moms and their kindergartners.  Then again last night, I took Anna Claire to dinner with her friends and their Moms.  I love having these girls in our lives.  And I love even more than I love their Moms.  So thankful for these sweet friendships.

{two-back to school}

It's a favorite and it makes my heart ache all at the same time.  I absolutely love shopping for back to school clothes, the backpacks, and the school supplies.  But these girls are growing up waaay to fast. 

 Last week many shared their Back to School Traditions.  We were in the hospital with Alli and I couldn't make it happen.  Yesterday, I shared our traditions here.  

{three-Rejuvenating Serum} 

Shameless plug here.  In March I found what I now call my crazy crack eye cream.  You've probably seen the viral video, but if you haven't you can see it here.  As good as that stuff is, YES it REALLY works, my favorite product from them is our Cellular Rejuvenating Serum.  I have had some pretty tough dark/age spots and the last four years have aged me considerably.  Our serum is the best I've ever seen.  

If you are interested in a free sample, please email me at

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 {four-crock pot}

I was laughing with some Mom friends last night about how we feel SO accomplished when we throw a crock pot meal together.  I mean for.real.  Crock pot days mean I have all day to do other things.  The weather around here has been so mild this week, 85 degrees.  A welcomed change from the 115 degrees we've been experiencing.  With that mild weather I have been craving something hearty and savory.  When that need arises, I pin.  Cheers to soup and crock pot season!

{five-favorite moment}

My favorite moment this week has been meeting Ava's Kindergarten teacher.  Write it down on paper what you think a kindergarten teacher should be and there you have it.  I am so excited for my girl and know that this year there will be so much growth in her.  She's a school kid now.  How incredibly awesome and bittersweet is that?!  I'm reminded of the day we were told a D&C would probably be needed because she was "just not a viable pregnancy."  God is good, y'all.  So good.  Welcome to Kindergarten Ava Lizzie!  You are going to rock this!

Have a great weekend!  We're going to enjoy our last weekend before school starts sleeping in, cooking, a little shopping, playing, and just being.   

And just a little extra I found on insta this week and LOVED!


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  1. Enjoy your last weekend of summer break!!! Ava looks SO cute and SO ready for K! She is going to love love love Mrs. H!


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