Florida Vacation Part 1: Days 1-3

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Our beach trip will contain several posts, but it goes a little something like this.





About to leave Missouri!

We left Missouri around 9:30 Friday morning and headed towards Arkansas.  We made it in time for lunch with my Mom and then headed off to Memphis.  Sadly, my Mom's spinal stenosis kept her from making this annual trip.  We're praying for a clear plan, with minimally invasive surgery, so she can get back to life as normal.  And join us next year.  Once we got to Memphis, we picked up the big kids and headed to grab an early dinner while we waited for my Dad and brother to be done with work for the week.  

We connected with my brother and were on our way!  Daddy called and was held up in meetings so told us to head on down ahead of him.  Jason, the kids, and myself caravaned to Troy, Alabama for the night.  We made it around 11:30 and Dad was just a few hours behind us.  

Saturday morning, some of us were able to sleep in, but some where not.  Ahem, that would be me.  The one with all the kids in her hotel room.  #notbitter  We had breakfast and were on.our.happy.way.

We made it to the Florida line just around noon!  For real, I'm a plane girl, but I do love traveling with these kiddos.  

Saturday, we grabbed dinner and then Dad, Jason, Ty, and myself hit up Publix while Morgan watched the girls.  We came back to this bonding moment.

Sunday was our first full day so we headed to the beach!  You really don't want to know what it takes to get 3 adults, a 4, 6, 8, 13, and 15 year old ready and to the beach.  It's a comedy show for sure.  And we don't have a single picture to prove it.

Sunday night was relaxed.  We had a shrimp boil and the kiddos played in and around the house. 

"What are those?!"  You had to there.

There was a whole lot of this goodness going around.  #shrimpboil

We don't always allow jumping on the couches, but when your name is Alli, you get away with it.  ;-)


Our resident shrimp peelers.

There's not much better than playing every day all day.  I love an exciting adventure, but at the end of the day, my favorite thing is just being with these kids.  We were water logged, had sand in our pants, and the days were long.  But the times were good.  

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  1. Looks so fun, Jackie! Great memories made, for sure!


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