Favorite Summer Moment(s)

Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika today and sharing my favorite summer moments.  That is a hard one, really.  I feel like the entire summer was incredible and I am still lacking to share the rest of our Florida vacay and trip to Houston for Alli's stem cell transplant and everything in between.  My ADD and dementia are becoming more evident as I am trying to be better at blogging our lives.  ;-)

With that said, I'm going to nail down a few of my absolute favorite moments from this summer.  


Florida.  Or flurda if you are in this family.  We spent a week in Rosemary Beach (in between Destin and Panama City Beach).  I miss riding bikes, playing at the pool, and spending my days on the beach.  We had such an incredible time!


This girl had quite the summer before Kindergarten.  Actually, during the first week of summer she knocked some items off her summer bucket list.  Tying shoes, riding her bike without training wheels, and taking names! #bruiser


Sometimes I forget just how long she has waited for a moment like this. Alli's eating by mouth has grown exponentially this summer and AC has been so excited to finally help feed her baby sister!


John flew to Houston to meet us for Alli's stem cell transplant.  That man of mine works 150 million hours 7 days a week during the summer so we never see him.  I was SO thankful to get this one night of crazy fun with him, especially before spending the week in the hospital with Alli.  Quite possibly my favorite night all summer was hanging with this crew....  John's cousin Michelle, her husband Clay, and all our kids.  There was video.  But it can't be shown.  Good, good  comedy would be all I have to say about that.

What a summer to remember!  I miss it already, but I am sure ready to haul out the foliage and pumpkins.  Tomorrow is September!!!  #hallelujah 


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