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Thursday, August 13, 2015

I'm a sucker for a good ol' tradition.  The first day of school is always a favorite for me.  Even though my heart aches because these girls are growing up much too fast I have always loved back to school time.  New school supplies are my favorite.  

Our BTS traditions include:

1)  Clothes shopping is so fun with girls!  Anna Claire is just like me in the sense she would rather be pecked to death by chickens than try anything on.  She actually said to be today, "Buy and I'll try it on at home.  If it doesn't fit, we'll bring it back later."  SO my child.  On the other hand, Ava could stay in a dressing room as long as you are bringing her clothes to try on.  She just loves it!

2)  School Supply shopping was extra special this year because Ava starts kindergarten.  We let her do her shopping first and then it was Anna Claire's time.  I love how they love school supplies as much as me. 

3)  Meal planning.  The girls get to decide what we eat all week, with a tiny bit of input.  I mean c'mon.  We would be eating Oreos for dinner every.single.night if it were totally left up to them.  On second thought.  ;-)

4)  Along with that is  breakfast of choice for the first day!

5)  Prayer.  Each year we pray over our kiddos as a family specifically for the upcoming school year.  Last year, I also met a group of Moms at the elementary school one night after everyone put the kids to bed and we prayed over the grounds, the teachers, administrators, kids, staff, and anyone coming into contact with our kids.  It was such a sweet night with these Mama's and I hope we do it again.

6)  Story time. Since Ava is going to Kindergarten this year, we'll be reading The Night Before Kindergarten, Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, and Splat the Cat.  I am also going to add The Kissing Hand as a new tradition.  

Anna Claire on the night before First Grade!
7) Included in my favorite #BTS traditions is a Back to School Interview.  We do interviews on New Years Eve, birthdays, and back to school.  It's another one of my favorite ways to capture my girls. 

8) Back to School Party!  I love a good party or get together.  When we lived in Tennessee (and had a pool) I started a Back to School swim bash out our house.  It was a fun way to close out summer, welcome the new school year, and another reason to play.  I'm sad we don't do life with these families anymore, but I LOVE that we still go back to see them during the summer. 

This year, I'm separating the big girls and giving each their own night.  On Tuesday, some Mom friends and myself took our Kindergartners to Top of the Rock for dinner.  Ava ABSOLUTELY loved having a special night with just me and her friends!     

9)  And the obligatory First Day of School picture (with sign).  With two kids going this year, I haven't decided what I am going to do about the sign situation yet.  I do have smaller chalkboards where they could each have their own, but I haven't really wrapped my head around it all.  Secretly in denial maybe?!  I need to get to crackin'.  

After school, I'll have their favorite treat (I'm guessing chocolate cupcakes), we'll go through backpacks, and talk about their  first day. 

That's what we're doing around here.  I already can't wait to pick them up and love on them!  It has been 5 years since they were last in school together (Mother's Day Out).  I'm so excited for them to be together again and pray that this year is just incredible.  All.the.way.around.

Happy Back to School, friends!  I would love to hear about your favorite traditions!  



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  1. You are such a fun mom, Jackie!!! Love all of these traditions!!! Praying for an awesome year for your girls!


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