Weekend Wrapup: At HOME

Monday, July 20, 2015

You read that right.  HOME.  We have not had a single weekend at home this summer.  Gone, gone, gone all summer long so it was a nice change to just be.  

 Saturday morning was lazy bones Saturday.  I think I stared at our Netflix home screen for an hour and then the girls started trickling into our bed. 

Don't let her fool you.  He's asleep.  She's not. 

Bedhead is a fashion statement.
Since we were finally home, I decided it was way overdue to tackle the playroom.  Madness.  This spring and summer has really gotten away from us and this house it a travesty.  

4 hours, boxes, and trash bags later....I can finally breathe.  

The girls and I got dressed and headed out to watch Minions with Aunt Kellye and one of Anna Claire's besties, Alexee.  

Dancing to Gold.

After the movie the girls wanted to make a trip to Books a Million, Anna Claire's favorite store.  She was so excited to pick up The Isle of the Lost to read while we are at the beach.  I love that she loves to read. 

On Sunday, we picked back up packing for our upcoming beach trip.  Anna Claire helped me compile our Vacation Menu and grocery list.  Any takes on what she was saying with the last word?!  


Our garden hasn't done well this summer, BUT we have produced some Okra, a few Bradley tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes.  Not quite sure if all the rain drowned the rest or what.  But I am savoring these flavors. 

 My view while walking Henry boy.  

The girls went to a swim birthday party at the Rec-plex, we came home and grilled burgers, and called it a night.  Our one and only weekend at home this summer was much needed.  




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