Kanakuk Kampout 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

Last year was Anna Claire's first year of Kampout.  We swore this year we would do big girl camp (overnight), but I don't think any of us are ready for that.  My heart literally skips a beat thinking about letting her go.  I think next year will be her year though. Anna Claire is our little Bible thumper.  I LOVE watching her pick up that Bible and dive into the word!  Her first day, her Counselor Rylee told me, "Anna Claire is amazing.  She knows that Bible."  My prayer for this week was for both girls to have a radical encounter with God, that they experience freedom in worship, gain knowledge in Christ and His love for them, and enjoy the whole Kamp experience.   

This was Ava's first Kamp experience and it almost didn't happen. If you know my Ava you know she's really shy in new situations.  Once she's comfortable, she runs the show, but new experiences are always hard.  I had thought her little bestie was going to attend, but her Mom had informed me a few weeks back that she wasn't.  We got caught up in recitals, nationals, a trip to Tennessee, and life in general and completely forgot to register the girls.  On our way home from Tennessee Ava said, "I am so excited about Kanakuk!  I know I'm not going to have friends there, but I'm brave and it will be fun!"

Huge, y'all.


But guess what, God went ahead of her and prepared 3 of her little preschool buds to be there (that we didn't know were going).  I love that He honored her bravery.   And the best part??!  She was so excited to share with me her three new friends she made.  It's not that Ava doesn't make friends easily, it's that she finds one and she's good.  She has been slowly coming out of the cocoon these last few years.  It's beautiful to watch.

First Day Fun!

The girls had such an incredible week!  Ava was so brave and so proud of herself for all the BIG things she was doing and experiencing.   She did the zipline, bungee jumping, and rock wall without fear!  I mean, this kid truly has no fear.....it just may take some coaxing to get her to start. 

Anna Claire was recognized several times during camp.  On day #2 she received the Bumble Bee award which is awarded to the Kamper who overcomes challenges they face with a smile.  I'm so crazy proud of her!  You can see her yellow Bumblebee pin in this pic....She was super proud of herself as well! 

During closing ceremonies, Anna Claire was awarded one of the overall awards, the "Honor Kamper" award.  This is awarded to the Kamper who best exhibits the "I am Third" mentality.  God first, others second, me third.  We are so incredibly proud of this kids heart, love for Jesus, and love for others. 

Back in the individual groups, the girl's counselors spoke about each child and awarded them their individual character award and honors.  I love listening to each counselors thoughts on our girls.  I especially love the encouragement and truth that is spoken into them. 

 I believe Anna Claire had some good bonding with her sweet counselor, Rylee! 

 So proud of these turkeys!  

Proud of her Honor Camper Award!  This week was the best kind of Chicken Noodle Soup for our girl!  

 Anna Claire's character award:  {Compassion and Patient} She received the I'm Third Award 

Ava's character award:  {Friendly and Diligent} She received the Leadership Award for her Servant heart.  

Have I mentioned I'm in love with these kids!?  So proud!

Until next your Kanakuk!


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