June Recap

Monday, July 13, 2015

We spent the first few days of summer doing nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

And when I say nothing, I mean the girls had dance and Alli had therapy.

But we did nothing.  

And we loved every minute of it.

Summer really doesn't begin for us until June 20!   

And y'all...my camera is broken.  Again.  Forgive these insta photos taken through a scratched Life Case.  ;-)

{Week 1:}

We had a few days of downtime (minus Alli's therapies of course) and then it was recital time!  Gigi and Papaw made the trip over and we had a weekend full of dancing.  Literally.  Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

{Week 2:}

No rest for the weary.  Anna Claire was up bright and early Monday morning for Dance Intensive.   And I mean intensive.  I'm certain I lost 5 lbs just walking in the building after the first day.  The amount of sweat and steam coming off those dancer bodies was unreal.  They truly had a full week (7 hours a day) of intense dance.  Anna Claire learned SO much.  I think we may do another one at the end of summer.  We'll see. 

Also during week 2, I took Ava and Alli to St. Louis for one of Alli's doctors appts. at STL Children's.  We went down on Wednesday night, made a trip to the American Girl Doll store and of course, The Cheesecake Factory.  

My driving buddy!


The next morning we made our way to Children's for Alli's 4 hour CP (cerebral palsy) Clinic.  It was such a good clinic.  But at the end we had another life altering diagnosis.  autism.  I'm thankful for a diagnosis, finally, but I'm still processing.  I'm sure I'll blog about it soon, but I just can't wrap my head around everything at the moment.  I will say, on a positive note, this diagnosis will hopefully be the key that opens up more opportunities, therapies, and programs that will open this girl of ours up. In the end, that's all that matters. She's beautiful, courageous, and she loves. Oh how she loves! And she's sort of fond of the merry go round!

{Week 3:}

We started off week 3 with the Dance Branson Stars celebrating the end of competition season and Nationals!   I have no idea how I didn't get pictures, but I did find a few on FB.  :)

We did finally catch the Ice Cream man before we headed off to the swim party!

Nationals week we didn't have a chance to do much.  It rained most of the week, but we were able to make a trip to Persimmon Farm in between the rain and dancing.  

Two of Anna Claire's dances, Tribute to Seuss and Sparklejolly scored Double Platinum and got 1st Place Overall for their division! 

 Lunch with friends one day after competing.  

Celebrating Baby Daddy turning 26 46!!! 

We LOVE this guy!

The last full week of June we headed to Tennessee to play with friends.  It was such a rushed trip and we didn't get to see everyone, but it was literally the only week we had free this entire summer.

We stopped off in Arkansas and had dinner with my parents and rolled into Memphis around 11 to stay the night with my brother and kiddos.

We made a detour through Fort Payne, Alabama to launch Jeunesse there with one of my distributors!  So proud of this girl!  And that house!  Geez, Louise!  

In Tennessee we stayed with one of my best, Amber and her husband Mark.  We adore them and I need them in my everyday life.  Can't even tell you what our porchie nights do for my soul!

We made a trip to the NICU.  We haven't been back since right before we moved, almost two years ago.  A HUGE dream of mine has always been for Alli to walk through those NICU doors.  God is so faithful.  She skipped through.

We rode the Wheel at The Island.  $50 million later.  But it was worth every penny.  Ha!

Got to hang out with these cute Stanger kids!

And spent all day and night with Anna Claire's best girl, Bella and her Mom Crystal!  These two make me cry.  I hear from the backseat, "Anna Claire, you're still my best friend."

Knife to the heart.

But in a sweet way.

LOVED Inside Out!  And I think we could totally relate having made a similar BIG move.  

Alli's first movie and she was in heaven.

Played all day and into the early evening with the Brackins crew.  I love how everyone picks up like we haven't been gone for 2 years.

Went to church, headed to lunch with Mark and Amber, and then made the 12 hour drive home.  These car rides are cray with 3 kids.  I'm certain it's not the smartest thing I've ever done, but I pray they look back on this madness and laugh.  I love these times with them.  It never gets easier to leave Tennessee.  In fact, this time I think was the hardest.  We miss it so.  It will always be Home sweet home to this Arkansas girl.

We made it home to celebrate my birthday!  I'll bust my husband out, but I'll keep my age disclosed.  ;-)

June, you sure were good to us!  I pray July slows it down a notch.  And buys me a camera! 



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  1. Girl! Whirlwind of a month right there! But a good one, looks like! The pic of Alli skipping through the NICU doors made me cry--what a blessing! And leaving TN...that made me cry too. Why doesn't it get easier?!? We're going to LR in early August and I'm already worried about driving away from it! Hope July is slowing down a little for you guys! So glad the girls got to catch up a little at Kamp!


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