Holy Nordstrom, Batman

Saturday, July 11, 2015

So in case you haven't heard....Nordstrom is having a sale :)  
I'm certain you already knew that, but anyway.  If not, you do now.

I'm also certain you're going to want to go take a look, but keep in mind, it's insane.  If you REALLY want to shop now, you can sign up For EARLY ACCESS.  The cards the key and stuff WILL be gone.  Here you can sign up for a Nordstrom debit or credit card and start shopping immediately!  Bam!
Here's what I'm grabbing up.
I live in a good  Halogen tee.  And only $15.   

Annnd, I'm kind of dying over these Sam Edelmans!   $64.90
Y'all know I love a good ripped jean.  Vigoss and only $45 smokes!

And because I shop more for my kids than I do myself, I naturally had to see what they had.  My Bigs will love this dress.  Pair with some Joyfolie and bam!  

And hello, $19 Skinny for ALL 3 girls!   

I mean there's so much more, but I have to feed the children. 

Enjoy, shop fast, and let me know what you bought!







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