Friday Favorites: This and That

Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy, Happy Friday!!!

It's time for another Friday Favorites...this week is pretty random and contains a little bit of this and that.  

Let's dive in...

{One-His Nature}

I heard this awhile back and then saw it again.  It resonates so well right now in this season of rest and waiting.  My Mama heart and flesh fail and sometimes I forget.  But, "if you know His nature, you will not question His motives."  

And His nature is good.  So good.  He is always good. 

{Two-The Beach}

Anyone who knows me well knows that there is no place I would rather be.  This week in Rosemary Beach has been  Nothing like the sand between my toes, that breeze, the sun, and a good  book to straighten me up.  While the book didn't get read this trip there was still a whole lot of everything else.  Early morning bike rides, seashell hunting, ice cream eating, porchie nights, cousins bonding, kids laughing, those gulf waters....The only down side was my hubby wasn't here.  

{Three-Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray}

Y'all.  This stuff is the bomb (dot) com.  My makeup doesn't run and stays in place  It has been so stinkin hot and humid here in Florida that I'm 100% certain everything would have melted right off my face had I not had this amazing stuff.  

{Four- Backpacks}

Here on vacation bouncing back and forth between being so excited for fall, but dreading the end of summer I found myself backpack shopping for the girls.  I swore that I would wait until after Houston, but my OCD called and it's ready to buy school supplies. 

For the past 5 years we have used Garnet Hill backpacks and have always been happy.  Seriously, the have held up so well I'm scared to try anything else.  But....Anna Claire liked the Multi Chevron from PB Teen so I have decided  to switch it up.  This looks just like my big third grade girl.  Third grade, y'all.


Multi Chevron Backpack from Pottery Barn Teen

Since AC was trying PB Teen out, I decided it made sense to stick with the same brand for Ava.  She chose the Mackenzie Plum Glitter Heart from PB Kids.  She's already the cutest Kindergartner, but envisioning this on her back just makes my heart flutter.  Kindergartner, better get ready!

I couldn't find anything that I simply adored for Alli and then I remembered this sweet thing.  I am so excited to see the fall line I can't.even.stand.  Due to being in Houston for Alli's stem cell treatment, I am unable to host an actual show.  Not wanting to miss out on all the fun, I'm instead hosting an online trunk show.  If you are looking for a trunk show, I would love to have you!  The show is open to anyone.  I do have a sweet little incentive for those spending over $150.  The online show can be found here.

 You can begin sending your wishlist in on August 2 to AND to me at (put my name in, Jackie Belin, as your Jane).

I spy several things for my Anna Claire!

I'm kind of dying!  Fall MJ is always my favorite MJ!

{Five-Bachelor in Paradise}

Yeah baby!  Who is ready?!  I'm pretty sure after the season we just had, we neeeeed this.  

I'm going to enjoy my last day on the beach before we head off to Houston for Alli's stem cell treatment.  Looking forward to it, dreading it, and wanting to soak up every last second with these kiddos.  I pray you have an amazing weekend.  

Looking forward to checking out all the other Friday Favorites!



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