Friday Favorites: 30A Edition

Friday, July 24, 2015

Today we're leaving for 30A.  As in, when this posts, we'll more than likely be on the road.  It's a 13 hour drive, but worth every hour.  Once upon a time I had a 5 hour rule and would fly anything over 5 hours.  ;-)  That was 1 chronically ill/medically fragile kid ago and when you crave the beach like I do, that 13 a car.....with 3 kids (plus my teenage niece and nephew).... is really nothing.   

In honor of our trip, I thought I would share my 5 favorite things about 30A.  If you have never been, I highly recommend.  My family started going to Fort Walton Beach nearly 40 years ago and as the area grew we moved our vacation to Destin, then to Crystal  Beach, then Sandestin, then Miramar, but there is something about 30A that has had us stuck there for about 10 years and I don't believe we're going anywhere else.  

30a is made up of quintessential beach towns like WaterColor, Blue Mountain, Seaside, Seagrove, Seacrest, and Rosemary.  And don't forget Alys.  Which leads me into first friday favorite.    

{one} - Cruising 30A

I mean c'mon.  I know I'm on vacation and the last place I want to be is in the car, but cruising down 30A, town to town.  There is just something about that drive, looking at all the homes (the architecture is stunning), watching families bike, taking in the beach air, maybe catching something you've never seen before.  It's just fun and it's my favorite thing to do upon arrival.  

{two} - Sugar Shak
A few years ago we discovered the Sugar Shak in Rosemary.  Woah.  That smell.  Can they bottle that up for me?!  The girls and I love to jump over and grab some ice cream and they pack the largest selection of candy I have ever seen into the smallest quarters.  Prepare to stand in line, but it's worth it. This year our beach house is less than a 5 minute walk to the Sugar Shack so I'm sure we'll frequent every afternoon or after dinner.
the girls last summer outside of the Sugar Shak

{four} - Pizza by the Sea

I've seen Pizza by the Sea many times, but last year was our first time to actually try it out.  I admit I judged a book by its cover and shouldn't have.  Truly, truly incredible pizza and I truly regret the years we have missed eating there.  This will be our first stop for dinner on Saturday night and I can't.wait to get my mouth on that crust.  Because why not grab pizza for dinner after spending $1,000 grocery shopping at Publix??!  Ha!  

{five} - the beach

I think I was made for beach living.  I just do.  I mean give me a napping baby, anybody's baby I don't care, put me under an umbrella and  The sand is fabulous, the water is warm.  I just love the beaches of South Walton along 30A.  

Don't worry, that's my baby! ;-)
There is A LOT to do and see on 30A.  Lots of cool festivals, live music, restaurants, but at the end of the day my favorite spot is in that chair OR building sandcastles and playing in those waters with these kids.  

I'd love to know you favorite 30A hangouts!  

I pray you enjoy these last few days of July...We're beach bound!  

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  1. Have so much fun!!! And now I finally know what the sticker means on the back of your car...I've been meaning to ask you for a year now! Haha! Enjoy every minute...see you in August!

  2. 30A sounds so charming! I had never heard of it until blogging and now I feel like it's the vacation destination to see! Enjoy it!

    1. Thanks....We love it down here! With kiddos, it's a near perfect beach spot.


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