Recital Time!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

It was recital time here last weekend!  It's such a fun, but stressful time.  With 16 dances spread over 3 recitals this Mama was dragging after.  I do love the fast pace, the quick changes, makeup, rhinestones, tulle, tutu's, headpieces, and more.  I love the quality time with my girls, but most importantly, I love watching them love what they are doing.  

AC and AE, I pray you always remember and keep your love to dance! 

When Gigi is in town, she makes sure Ava paints her nails.  Steadiest little hands around!

Cece and Ava

My favorite Who from Whoville

Ava rocking some Kid Hop-Too Cool for School

Preteam Ballet Dance-Dancing Bear

Tribute to Seuss opened each show, hence so many pictures.  :)

Musical Theater-Annie

She doesn't get nervous, but this one worked on her.  The microphone had her intimated.  She nailed it!

Tumbling-This girl can kill a tripod!

Tumbling 3-Let's Get Tricky (Zombie)

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End of Day 1

Anna Claire and her friend, Morgan

Just a few Whos

Ava and her best friend, Claire

Combo Ballet-Second Star from the Right

Combo Tap-Why Do Fools Fall in Love

This girl is a tapper!

Competition Number-Raggedy Ann

Jazz-Surf Crazy

Tap-At the Hop....This was more Gangsta Tap! Ha!

AC has turned into a tapper!

Ballet-Music Box

Anna Claire and one of her besties, Avery

Finale!!!  Shut Up and Dance with Me!

This crew sat through all 3 recitals!  So thankful for their presence, support, and help with Alli!

Papaw and Nini made it to two of the shows!

This kid never stops tumbling, never stops singing, never stops dancing, never stops. Period.

Sweet friends, Avery and Anna Claire

Ms. Melanie

Ms. Tonya and AC.  We have, without a doubt, the most talented teachers around!

Ms. Tonya

Ms. Jenna

Ms. AJ

Ms. Peg (you may recognize her from M.A.S.H)

Until next time!

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