2nd grade is O-ver!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I can't believe we're at the end of 2nd grade!  I know I say it often, but for real...


Anna Claire could not have had a better 2nd grade year!  She had an amazing, Jesus loving teacher who really pushed her academically, but also nurtured the heck out of her!  We were blessed to get to see her get married this year and are looking forward to her being in our lives for many years to come!  Anna Claire had another great year academically and socially, enjoying having her two best friends, Alexee and Avery in her class.  

The last week of school we celebrated with Field Day! 

Field Day!

80's day was fun!  Anna Claire said she actually would dress this way everyday.  My little 80's girl at heart!  Love.  

80's Day!
Ava, Alli, and I went by and took lunch to AC on 80's day!  It was so fun seeing the kiddos and teachers/staff dressed up!  

On Thursday we celebrated the 2nd graders and all their accomplishments!  It was a camping theme and they received sashes with stickers and "pins" for their accomplishments!  So fun!

On Friday, we celebrated the last day of 2nd grade!  It was Hawaiian day, hence the Hawaiian maxi and leis!  ;-)  It doesn't seem real the growth in this girl this year.  She's truly growing up!  Bittersweet. 


And on Monday, June 1 we celebrated the last day of school.  

Wait, what??!

Didn't we already do that??!!

Because I, along with my friend Laura boast our #motheroftheyear title, we decided to skip the last day of school and head to Silver Dollar City!

We got wet.  We were cold, but had the BEST day!  Looking forward to warmer summer days ahead!

Busted by their 2nd grade teacher!  She of course waited until AFTER school was out.  Rule followers.  ;-)

The funnel cake was a given.  But hot chocolate on June 1st?!  Not so much! 

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  1. Love it! But I'm sad that 2nd grade is over! What a sweet year. They're growing up TOO FAST!!!


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