Our Preschool Graduate

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our sweetest middle graduated preschool today!  It's HARD to believe she will be beginning Kindergarten in just a few short months.   

insert lump in my throat

It's hard to explain, really, but I've had a rough time with it.  Mainly, because I feel like I have missed over half her life and now she's starting Kindergarten.  I'm never going to blink again.  

Ava actually did two years in preschool.  And it was two years much needed.  She's very insanley smart, a fact I didn't realize until her Kindergarten assessment.  Academically, she would have been fine last year.  Socially/emotionally/maturity wise...She wasn't ready.  The product of an elementary teacher and being a teacher myself, I knew when we found out she would be born in July, we would not send her to Kindergarten until after she turned 6.  Add in a few tumultuous years, her shyness and discernment in new situations and around new people, and just flat needing/wanting to enjoy my kid an extra year and there you have it.  Our reason for "red shirting." 

Today, Ava is SO ready for Kindergarten.  Just a few weeks back, I watched her walk in for Kindergarten Roundup and with a very small amount of shyness, walked away to join a teacher and a group of kiddos (all whom she didn't know).  If you know my Ava, you know that's huge.  Add in the fact that she talks about "when I go to Kindergarten next year,"  I know she's more than ready. 

That wave!  They stuck one of the smallest kiddos on the top row.  :(

The Graduate


Ava and her best friend, Claire.  Sadly, they won't be at the same elementary school next year.  Unless we can talk this family to moving on our side of town, these two won't reunite in school until Junior High.  Thankfully, we'll still get to see them!

Mrs. Stone....we love this woman! 

Ava, Brooklyn, and Adeline

Best.dress.ever she said!

Hats off Class of 2028!!!!

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