Dance Makers International (DMI) Branson 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Somehow or another I became a dance Mom.  My girls have always loved dance.  We've danced around different studios while we were in Tennessee, but never really found our place.  We started with Dance Branson shortly after we moved here and it just fit.  I always loved dance growing up as a kid.  But, I figured myself to be more of a cheer mom.  

Apparently not.  

This year, Anna Claire and Ava are both competing competitively with Dance Branson School of the Arts.  On those busy weeks, Anna Claire is taking classes and rehearsing up to 15 hours.  It's intense and I can't imagine how much more intense it will get as they grow.  I miss her terribly, I miss our weekends, but she is having the best time and learning so much more than just dance.  

The first competition was here in Branson at the Chateau.  It was a crazy long and busy weekend.  On that Friday night, a freak snow and ice storm hit Branson so we were literally stranded at the hotel.  John was such a trooper and packed up EVERYTHING we needed for the weekend.  He braved the elements to get us all out clothes, pajamas, makeup, costumes, and dance wear.    Truly Dance Dad of the Year!

Some pictures from Saturday and Sunday Convention/Classes:

Anna Claire in tap.

Ava and Chloe-Preteam

Anna Claire and one of her besties, Avery-Rising Stars

Ava and Kylee

Lunch break!

Ms. Becca-Club Dance Adventure

Chloe and Anna Claire

This is what happens when 4 dance moms and 9 kids get snowed in and room together!  In one room.  With one king size bed.

Anna Claire, Ms. Tonya, and Ava Lizzie after their first competition


Sparklejolly (Anna Claire's group) - 1st place and Junior Production Judge's Choice
Raggedy Ann (Anna Claire's group) - 2nd Place Line
Tribute to Seuss Pre-teen production (Anna Claire's group) - 1st place and Overall High Score for production
Bugs (Ava Lizzie's group) - 2nd Place and Judge's Choice

There were MANY other amazing awards for the guys and gals at Dance Branson. We are so thankful for such amazing instructors that pour their time, love, and energy into these kiddos!

Dance Branson STARS

Clearly they are done!

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