It's a New Year!

Friday, January 2, 2015

John and I had these amazing plans to get away for New Year's Eve this year.  We haven't done so since, oh I don't know, we had kids.  And then we decided we would just go to Houston to watch to Hogs play in the Texas Bowl.  We bought tickets and then decided a week out not to go.  1) We were keeping the store open and 2) We've all been so sick.

As it turns out, a quiet New Year in our PJ's was actually just what the doctor ordered.  New Year's Eve I served up my last breakfast of the season on my grandma's Christmas dishes, we made bath bombs and soap, and got ready for Daddy to get home so we could celebrate!  Our family NYE traditions include dinner, adding to our annual time capsule, fireworks, and our Joy Box.  There is honestly no place I would have rather been than with this party of 5.

Sweet hands making bath bombs!

Letters in our time capsule

They think they are so fancy drinking sprite out of a goblet.  My champagne glasses or still packed away.  Eeek!

One of my FAVORITE traditions that we started probably 4 years ago is the "Joy Box."  It's a pretty wrapped package with nothing in it.  Each year, the previous year's recipient gives it to another family member who has given them joy in the last year. Each person shares why this person has given them so much joy and then usually ends up we share something about each one of us that has brought us so much joy.  I was afraid it would be a competition this year (those two big girls are highly competitive), but it never became one.  Such a fun tradition and I love how we take that moment to build each other up as we enter the New Year! 

Ava gifted me with the Joy Box this year! I gave her joy last year "because I am always taking care of them and love them."

Here's to 2015!  The year of restoration.  We are expecting God's presence in our home this year like never before.  We pray the same for you!     

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