Polar Express

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I so wanted to do this last year, but simply missed the boat.  I hadn't heard rave reviews so I was hesitant.  Let me just say, WE had an amazing time.  My girls simply LOVED it and it is absolutely something I can see doing again.  I should know better than to listen to some reviews.  :)

When I picked up Anna Claire from school I set the stage.  I told her when we got home, they all needed to clean up their room and then go ahead and get their jammies on so we could run errands (they had received new pj's that morning as part of Advent).

Anna Claire assumed we were running errands and then were off to musical theater as a family.   I didn't tell her otherwise.  We started driving towards her friend Alexee's house and she began questioning what we were doing heading in that direction.....

Are we going to candycane bomb their house?

Are we going to go look at Christmas lights with the G's?

Is Alexee coming to watch me at musical theatre? 

And on and on.... 

We pulled up, I ran Alli inside, and we were off for a surprise date night with our Big girls!  Thank you so much, Jamie, for watching our littlest A!  

We began heading towards downtown and the Landing.  The girls were both still making guesses  asking why we weren't on our way to musical theater.  Pulling into the train station parking lot, they were still a little confused, so I handed them a present.

When  they saw the bell on the book they both screamed, "We're going on the Polar Express!!"  Priceless.

I see a train a comin'


She could not have been happier!  My sweet girl!

All aboard!


A favorite part of the night!

Reading along with The Polar Express

Cookies and Hot Chocolate....she was in heaven!

It's Santa!

"It really is him, Mommy!!!"

Santa gave all of the children bells.

And personally signed our The Polar Express book we brought

Sissy girl telling that hobo where to go and what to do!  "You better not be here next year!"

Thoroughly enjoyed our date night with our big girls.  Much needed and much deserved for these two precious girls of ours!  Can't wait to go back next year!



  1. This was our 2nd year doing the Polar Express and I think it's great! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. So glad y'all enjoyed it! Love all AC's guessing! :)


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