December, Class Parties, and The Days Before Christmas

Monday, December 29, 2014

That almost sounded like a soap opera, didn't it?!  Ha! 

Christmas break is always so welcome, but never as much as this year.  Since the 17th of November someone as been sick.  We had about 3 days at the end of November and first of December, but then it all started again.  I had much of December planned out, advent and memory making wise, but sadly it all got away from me.  We started out strong is all I can say, but by the 4th of December we fizzled out.  Alli had been sick for 20 days, 15 of those running 103-104.  Once she got well, Ava was sick.  Once Ava was well, Anna Claire got the stomach bug.  3 days later, she had the stomach bug again.  And the day after that I got sick.  I then had the stomach bug for 6 days.  Then Ava started with the croup, again.  We had a day and a half of good and Alli spiked a fever on Tuesday in Pocahontas.  Christmas morning, she woke at 1 am wheezing and labored breathing.  We suctioned her and doubled up on some breathing treatments and here we are today, 4 days after Christmas, and she now has walking pneumonia.  

If I sound like I'm about to pull out my hair.....I am!  ;-) Tomorrow is a new day and I am that we can all get well and enjoy the rest of Christmas vacation!  Here's a look at what we were able to accomplish during that time.

Branson Adoration Christmas Parade!

Anna Claire's Christmas Party!

During Anna Claire's 2nd grade party they made a craft/gift (a cute Christmas frame), made a Christmas Tree treat, photo booth, and wrote a card.  It was a fast, but fun 1 hour and I was SO happy to be able to be there!

My eyes hurt!  Photo booth fun!

The frames

Making her treat!

My goofy girl!

Christmas cards

Ready for the photo booth

Presents from Ms. B

We hit the jackpot with our 2nd grade teacher.  I mean, seriously, look at the JOY on her face!

Party is over.  Time for the kiddos to hit the playground and parents to clean up our mess.  ;-)

Sissy girl could NOT wait until Christmas to give us her calendar she made for us!

Watchdog Dad Day!

Ava's Christmas Party!

Ava's preschool Christmas party was a Pancakes and PJ Party!  So cute!  I soaked up every second of this party!  Yes, I do have another child, but everything with Alli is and will be totally different.  So with Ava's firsts and lasts, I celebrate and savor.  I celebrate and savor with all my girls, naturally, but when you know it's going to be the last time, it's just different

Presents from Mrs. S

Table is set

Super cute reindeer waters....after they drank the water we used these for their reindeer food.

Red and green pancakes!

Ava getting to pick out her book from Mrs. S

Hokey Pokey!

Ready to go caroling around the school!

Sweet group

Ava's little best friend

Santa Fruit


We normally go to visit Santa earlier in December (to beat the crowds), but with all the sickness and crazy schedule we just couldn't get there.  I'll refrain from posting the actual Santa picture (bless it) because, well, it's pitiful.  I use to worry about things like pictures, Santa pics, Easter bunny pics, etc.  But in my old age, I've come to realize, some things just don't.  Perhaps one of the good character traits that has evolved since Alli was born is my ability to let perfectionism go (to an extent).  That and the fact that Ava is soooooooo sensitive, she might kill me in my sleep with she's 20 (I'm kidding).  She was COMPLETELY terrified of Santa (never has been) and Alli wasn't too happy with the situation either. 

The girls did enjoy playing games, coloring, crafts, and writing their letters to Santa!

This is as close as she would get.


Anna Claire went to her first lock-in on the last day of school!  It was with the dance team and at the studio with 50+ girls!  She had a complete blast and didn't go to bed until 3 am!

Cookies and Gingerbread house!

On the Saturday and Sunday before Christmas we made cookies and our gingerbread house.  Every.single.year. we say this was the best gingerbread house ever made.  But this year, this was the best gingerbread house ever made!

Drinking Hot Chocolate out of my Mim's Christmas cups!  I love having these to use with my family. 

Pressing the garlic...AC helping me make homemade lasagna.
Alli's new skill!  Bending over and picking up!

House builders

Alli decided she wanted to eat!  Praise!


Taking cookies to the neighbors!
Dance Open House!

The week before school let out was Open House at Dance!  The girls were able to show off all their hard work and some super cute Christmas dances.  We LOVE dance, but are so thankful for Christmas vacation.  Anna Claire has 8 hours of dance through the week (Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Tumbling, Musical Theater, and Team(competition dance)) and anywhere from 2-8 hours of rehearsal on Saturday.  Ava takes a combo class of ballet and tap, tumbling, and is on the Preteam.  It takes up a LOT of time, but they both love it and I'm so thankful they have a thing.  

Pretty kicks, sissy!


Step Ball Change


2 for 2 on super long photo posts/dumps! We also had a visit to The Polar Express, but that's on another post! :)

And that was what we accomplished before Christmas!  Before posting these I was feeling terribly guilty that I didn't do many of our normal traditions and I still do.  But, seeing all this and knowing how sick everyone has been, makes me feel a little better.  It's really a wonder we did anything at all.  Here's to a NEW year and ABUNDANT HEALTH!  

Claiming it!



  1. Oh my gosh girl, that's a lot of sickness!!! 6 day stomach bug?!?! Yikes! Despite all the sickness, it looks like you packed in a lot of holiday fun!!
    Wishing you a healthy and germ free 2015!!!

  2. Y'all did a LOT! Wishing you health and happiness in the new year!


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