Halloween 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

This year we had Aurora from Maleficent, Dorothy, and Olaf.

And can I just say, they are the cutest?

Because they are.
Halloween 2014 was cold.

I mean.   

Real cold.

I was close to canceling festivities, or at least making it a short run (a few homes in our neighborhood).  Instead, after a big pot of chili, we jumped in the car with the neighbors and proceeded to Trick or Treat the entire neighborhood.

Once we got going, it wasn't so cold after all.  And the girls had.the.very.best.time.  The big girls tricked their way to gathering up quite a few treats.  One of my best memories will be Dorthy's red slippers running through the night to each house.  There is so much joy in all my girlies, but with Ava.  Gah.  I can't even explain it.  She lives life up, that girl.

Olaf, ahem Alli, sat in the front seat laughing the entire time.  She thinks those girls are hysterical.

And they are.

The big girls and Daddy finished the night at the neighbors watching movies while I brought Alli home for bed.

OH!  And it was Alli's unofficial but official first time to Trick or Treat!  Special thanks to our neighbors for being so patient and kind with her (and snapping a few shots)!  She grabbed a Dum-Dum, but has yet to even attempt it!  Maybe next Halloween will be her year??! 


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  1. These are such precious times, aren't they! Sweet sweet pictures. Glad y'all had a good night!


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