Weekend Wrap-up

Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekends are always crazy and as the girls are getting older, they feel like they go even faster.  This weekend, we also celebrated Anna Claire's 8th Birthday!  I can't believe the little baby who made me a Mama is almost 8.  As I say just about ev'ryday!  #slowthistraindown

Friday I hosted another Matilda Jane Trunk Show at Dance Branson.  A portion of the proceeds from this show will be going to the studios annual Zombie 5K which benefits St. Jude.  One of the little girls in Ava's class is a patient there, which is why DB started this event last year.  We also have a very personal connection to St. Jude because one of Anna Claire's sweet friends back in Tennessee is also a patient.  Big things happen there and we're so thankful for what they mean to these families.  

During the show, Ava had dance, Alli played, and Anna Claire went home with her friend Avery.  John picked up AC and we all met up at home for dinner.  I can't explain to you how exhausted we all were.  I'm not sure if it is this weather or just a time in our lives, but there were no debates when I announced, "time for bed."  

Saturday Anna Claire had team rehearsals.  This has become our Saturdays, but this particular Saturday was a short day.  9:30-12:30....and a much needed break.  I miss that kid.  She is dancing anywhere between 12-14 hours each week after school and on Saturdays.  But she LOVES it.  I'm so thankful she has a thing.  

After rehearsal, we ran to the grocery store and to pick up Anna Claire's cupcakes for her Sunday party.  It was an absolute gorgeous day, but super windy.  When we got home, the girls voted to stay inside so they wouldn't get blown away.  We snuggled on the couch and watched a movie before leaving for dinner with Papa and Nini at our favorite little Mexican restaurant.  If I have ever felt like Norm on Cheers it is at a Mexican restaurant.  In every.single.town.we.have.lived.in.  They know our drink and dinner orders and to keep the chips, salsa, and cheese dip coming!  ;-)

Sunday was party day.  Anna Claire had said a few weeks back that all she wanted to do for her birthday was to take a few friends to Silver Dollar City.  So, we did just that.  John was able to come as was a fellow A's Mama, Jamie and her son C.  Let me tell you, it will take weeks to recover from that trip.  I had to use my school teacher voice more than I have in a few years, but it was fun.  We very simply needed more time!  But the girls had fun and that's what matters.  Minus the fiasco on The Fire in the Hole.  Trust me, you don't need details.  ;-)

I'm working that lemonade!  ;-)


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