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Friday, October 10, 2014

Linking up again for Friday Favorites!  It was so fun to connect and blog hop last week finding new and neat people and ideas. 
I wanted to actually favorite some Halloween decor for today (maybe next week). But ADD happened.  ;-)  Last night in preparation for Anna Claire's 8th Birthday on Monday, I was creating a collage of her past Birthdays.  She always loves my collages and loves to reminiscence about her past birthday parties.....favorites foods, favorite cakes, favorite toys, favorite games....

My all time favorite time of year (besides Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween) are my girls birthdays.  I'm a planner and I love a good party.  I especially love a good cake.  As you will soon see.  

So we're having a little flashback friday and friday favorites rolled into one.  

And seriously, y'all.  Where does the time go?  #slowthistraindown 

My all time favorite picture (you'll hear me say that often about others)....the girl who made us a Mama and Daddy 8 years ago Monday!

1st Birthday!

2nd Birthday!
3rd Birthday!

4th Birthday! #crazyhairdontcare

5th Birthday! Wizard of all time favorite movie and my all time favorite party!

6th Birthday!

7th Birthday!

I still wake up, 8 years later, and think....where did you come from?  Are you really mine?  I love this girl, the girl she is growing into, her spunk, her tenacity, her ability to talk in circles and negotiate her way into and out of e'vrythang.  She's precocious, extremely bright, and God has major things in store for her.  

Looking forward to spending a rainy weekend at home (another favorite thing) celebrating our big girl turning 8!  


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