Friday Favorites-Around the Home Edition

Friday, October 3, 2014

Today I begin my first Friday favorites.  Since this is my first, I thought I would keep it simple and close to home.  For me, there is nothing better than home.  And the 4 people that make that home with me.  

(one) Sunday morning snuggles and breakfast in bed.  Our week days, and even Saturdays, always end up being a crazy hectic blur.  With the Enterovirus 68 making its way across the states, we are back on lock down.  Alli can't be in the church nursery so we stay home.  Over the past few weeks, Sunday mornings have brought about some of my.favorite.times.ever.  For a few weeks now, the girls have been making us breakfast in bed.  It usually consists of toast, cubed cheese, and jello.  And a branch off our fall mums.  ;-)  We then pile in the bed and watch a montage of things....Sofia the First, Good Luck Charlie, Gravity Falls, Mickey Mouse, whatever the mood strikes.  These moments are SO good. 

(two) Pumpkin spice candles.  I admit it.  I'm a candle snob.  So when I walked passed this candle a month or so ago at Target, I almost didn't buy into its shelf smelling goodness.  Because in all reality, most candles don't smell as good while burning. 

But this one,  this one smells even more divine while burning. You can find this Pumpkin Nutmeg by Natures Wick Candles at Target. 

(three) book worms.  there is nothing more to say about this pure sister sweetness.

(four) Fall lights.  Football lights.  Night lights.  Lights for every season.  I just love these, if I do say so myself.  I have made myself one for every season and now I'm selling them over at Etsy

I do custom orders as well and you can find me at the Helen Brett show in New Orleans in November.  If I can get my act together.   

(five) Soup season.  It's still 89 degrees here, but that doesn't keep me from daydreaming of soup season.  In fact, I've managed to sneak chili, tortilla soup, and taco soup in already.  Hoping to sneak in a homemade chicken noodle this week.  My soup pots and crock pot are both about to get a work out.  If it will ever stay below 70!

(six) this kid.  I mean, I can't get enough of her.  She's hysterically hysterical.  I could sit and watch her play "bobbies" forever.  And I sometimes do.  She has  LOVE, love, love listening to her as she plays. 

(seven) relationships.  While they are only 18 months apart, due to Alli's extreme prematurity and brain damage they are much more like 4 years apart.  But recently......oh but recently.  These two have been playing together.  And it's an utter joy to watch.  Joy.  Trust me.  No words on this one.  Alli simply.adores.Ava.  When Ava cries, Alli cries.  When Ava laughs, Alli laughs.  But the funny happens when Anna Claire cries....Alli laughs.  AC stays mad about it. 

(eight) this fall bucket list!  have you seen it?  I recognize it says 2011, but let it go.  It's adorable and printed out on my refrigerator. 

(nine) Matilda Jane.  I've been a lover of MJC for over 7 years.  Almost as long as Anna Claire has been alive.  I'm hosting another show THIS AFTERNOON.  And the best part, besides gorgeous clothes??  Proceeds from this Trunk Show will be benefiting something pretty close to my heart, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  So join us at Dance Branson at 3pm TODAY or shop online and send over those wishlists by 5pm TONIGHT!  Ordering info below! 

If you or someone you know is unable to attend and would still love to order and support this event, visit, view the collection, make a wish list and send it to ( and my fabulous Trunk Keeper, Laine at (  Happy shopping and thank you BIG for supporting St. Jude!

Happy weekend, y'all!  



  1. So happy to have found your blog through the linkup! I love all your favotites and I'll be checking out your Etsy store asap!


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