Fall Bucket List

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In our home we've always done a Bucket List for both Christmas and Summer.  It's one of the girls most favorite traditions and they excitingly anticipate us making it every year.   One thing I've always wanted to do are seasonal lists.  Life is so crazy busy and we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses.  Or in our case, jump in a pile of leaves!  I'm hoping I can keep up with this for every season.   Fall is my favorite, I mean FAVORITE season.  But, in all honesty, I say that about each of them.  ;-)

I found this super cute Bucket list over at Loves of Life.  I realize it says 2011, but let it go.  It's adorable and this is the perfect Fall list!  I may just need to add a few for my own personal agenda during Fall.  

A few additional things I would add:

  • Read Finish a book (the Bible and the book I'm reading for my women's Bible study does not count).  My ADD shows up something fierce in the reading department.  Currently, I have 3 or 4 books that I have been reading.  For like a year.  Off and on.  It's time to finish them.  At least one of them!  
  •  I think I will tackle this one first. Super powerful stuff, y'all!  But, I also have a few parenting books I need to be finishing.  Like for real.  At last check, I still have no idea what I'm doing.  And I have 3(three) kids!  Woah!  God thank you for grace.  

  • Find a new soup recipe or two to add to the mix.  It's almost soup season, y'all.  I mean I guess technically it is, but it's not cool enough yet.  
  • A Razorback game.  This one may be tricky since it's so hard impossible for John to get off on a Saturday.  But it's been far.too.long.  
  • Make a trip to Silver Dollar City a time or two. 
  • Make a pine cone bird feeder.  We actually did this a few years ago and the girls LOVED.  Need to do it again.  
  • Family drive to watch the changing of the leaves in the Ozarks.  
  • More quiet time in the word and prayer.  It's actually my favorite time of day.  6:30 am, quiet house, my Bible, journal, and worship music quietly in the background.  I need more of this in my everyday life.

 What are some things on your lists? 

And just because....a little random cuteness from Falls of the past.  

Alli's first pumpkin patch trip. Branson 2013.

Fall 2012

Ava at Kyker Farms Corn Maze in 2010
And this girl, my October baby! Anna Claire carving pumpkins in 2008.



  1. LOVE all of this! I really think we might be related--these all sounds like things that could be on my own list! :) SOOO glad to know you, Jackie! :) I'm going to send you a tortellini soup recipe that I like, if you're interested. I also tried a Paula D enchilada soup--or something like that--that i loved (I only sampled it, took it to a friend last spring), but have been meaning to try it again. It involved a lot of chopping, but was full of fresh veggies etc. Happy Fall!

  2. Jamie, I think we might also be related! ;-) We seriously need to get together more often! I would LOVE that tortellini recipe when you get a chance!


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