Kanakuk Kampout 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One of the perks of living in Branson is that it's the home of Kanakuk.  I had a few dear friends come to camp here when we were growing up, so I was already immersed in the amazing fun kids have.  This summer, Anna Claire got to get her appetite wet with Kanakuk's traveling Kamp, Kanakuk Kampout. 

From KK's website:
"KampOut is a high energy, non-stop excitement, traveling day Kamp experience from Kanakuk Kamps!  Every KampOut! Kamper will see and hear that God is a loving Father and wonderful Creator who loves them and desires for us to love others. Together Kampers will learn to pick-good friends and be a good friend because Jesus loved us first."  

John and I aren't ready for an overnight experience for Anna Claire, just yet. So, we were so excited to she was able to experience this program.  She had an incredible week surrounded by a few of her sweet Branson buddies and new friends from around town.  She loved her counselor Ms. Jo (Jordan) and had incredible adventures climbing a rock wall, zip lining, bungee jumping, archery, water slides and activities, and most importantly, Bible study and learning the love of Jesus. 

I think she is hooked and we're all stoked about the potential for a 1-week overnight session for next year.  Ok, ok....she's stoked.  I'm nervous as heck!  :)

Ava and I attended closing ceremonies.  She was a little jealous of how much fun everyone was having...especially, since she turned down the option of going herself.  I think next year will be her year!  She's coming out of that shell more and more. 

Following the big closing ceremonies, each group split up and had their own awards ceremony.  Ms. Jo spoke of each girl, sharing two positive things she saw in each of them.  I couldn't help but tear up (surprise, surprise).   I simply LOVED that truth and encouragement being spoken into our sweet Anna Claire.  Ms. Jo described Anna Claire has "wise" and "steadfast" giving her the "Friendship Award."  She said, "Anna Claire is dependable and can be trusted by all.  She is an excellent listener and seeks truth in scripture."  

What incredible attributes, Sissy!  We are so so proud of you!

Following closing ceremonies, we had frozen custard with our "old" and "new" Branson friends.  Love these sweet friendships being made.  

And we HEART Kanakuk!  Looking so forward to next year!

Custard photo compliments of another sweet A girl's sweet Mama.  They are also new to Branson (and from Arkansas)!!  We're going to enjoy getting to know them!

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  1. Oh my goodness--just seeing this! So fun! What a special week. So when do we have to sign up for the overnight Kamp?!? ;) Yikes!


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