Celebrating Ava's 5th Birthday

Monday, July 21, 2014

This kid has certainly been celebrated!  We had her Birthday party with friends right after school got out, back in May.  We celebrated her again on July 4th, before we left for Houston.  And we celebrated her again on her actual birthday, July 6th.  

On Ava's actual Birthday we were in Houston.  When we found out we would be in Houston I began trying to figure out what we could do on her Birthday.  I found out they had an American Girl Doll store so I knew this would be the perfect thing for our girlie girl.   

AG didn't let us down.  Ava was completely blown away surprised, Anna Claire was in AG heaven, and I'll admit...I was pretty fired up as well.  John, bless his heart, was a trooper!

When we pulled into the parking lot, the girls were saying how hungry they were.  John and I both said, "Let's go in the mall and see if we can find something to eat."  Although Anna Claire had inside knowledge of where we were going, she didn't know we were there. 

The store was hidden as we were walking through the parking lot.  We kept watching to see when they would notice.  As we turned to walk down the aisle leading up, Ava said shockingly, "Mommy, LOOK!  It's The American 'Guurl' Doll Store!"  

I LOVED that we were able to surprise her!  I don't keep secrets like this too well!

Before our reservations for lunch, the girls made appointments at the salon for their dolls.  You will see in future pictures they both, especially Saige, desperately needed some attention.  After lunch Ava picked out her birthday gift.  It was so fun watching both big girls explore the store.  


See?  Told ya!  ;-)

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  1. Super cute! I took Alexee to lunch at the AG store in Dallas two summers ago--we had so much fun!


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