Surviving to Thriving

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Something hit me today. 


Square in the face.  

And while it brought me to my knees.

It was good news, y'all.   

The last three and a half years have been more about surviving than thriving.

We've been barely treading water at times.  Some days worse than others.   

And while I am farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from saying we have this whole parenting thing down which includes the typical needs of our older girls with the special needs of Alli's chronic illnesses and disability, we are moving ahead.   We're moving forward.

Jesus gives us light, interceding at the most appropriate times.  

I think I've seen a glimmer of this in our past, but today.....


We were walking out of therapy.  Alli holding my left hand.  Ava holding my right hand.  Ava insists we stop and I take their picture on this bench.

I mean look at them, y'all!  So much the same, but so different.

And it hit me how normal of a moment this was.

How so many of our days we haven't been able to see these moments because we were barely treading water. 

We've been so broken.  We've lived through an incredible amount of trauma.  We've seen and made decisions regarding our child that parents just shouldn't have to do.  Our family has been dealt punch after punch emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially for three years.  We have been exhausted and so desperate to see the beauty in the ashes.  Desperate to see the redemption in our story. 

And today at 10:25 am at the Meyer Center in Springfield.  Sitting on this very bench.  I saw that redemption.

Out of now where, it seems, we've gone from barely surviving to almost thriving. 

Thanks to the One source of hope and life in this world.  The only one who truly puts the pieces of us back together. 

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