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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ava has been carrying around a pocket watch I gave to John forever ago.  It has a picture of Anna Claire and myself from my very first Mother's Day.  After opening it and examining the picture, she asked about "which baby" I was holding.  I told her the story of the watch and the story of the picture, my very first baby on my very first Mother's Day. 

"Where am I Mommy?"  

"You were in my belly."

Anna Claire now chimes in, "Na-uh.  You weren't pregnant with her yet!"

I replied, "Well, no, I wasn't, but Ava was still in my belly.  Babies eggs are already in their Mommy's......."  I stopped and began to sweat fearing I'd said waaaaaaaay too much and more than I was actually prepared to explain.   

Thank you, Jesus for mercy.   

They didn't catch my egg comment. 

Ava's sweet voice chimed in, "No Mommy.  You see what really happened was this......

Jesus had me in a box on his desk in heaven.  He was waiting for the perfect time.  You and Daddy, and Jesus decided it was time for another baby.  So....Mommy, He took that box on His desk and sent it to your belly.  And then I was born.  And now I'm almost 5."  

There you go, y'all! 

That's all you need to know about the birds and the bees and how the babies came to me. 

I love that my baby knows that God loves her so so so much.  She knows that "important" things go on desks.  She knows she's important enough to be on His desk.   I took so much away from those little words, but the main things I took away and pray she knows forever are...

God knows us.  Every intricate detail.  

God is approachable. 

God is love.

Her new kittens get sneaked inside on occasion.


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