Winter 2014 Photo Dump

Friday, April 25, 2014

I was beginning to make a current post, but realized I needed to dump some winter moments on ye ol' blog!

Winter pretty much went like this.  It was 60 degrees.  It was -25 degrees.  It snowed a foot.  It was 60 degrees. 

Annnnnnd repeat.

Like 12 times. 

We have openly embraced Spring.  Well, somewhat.  April has been a ridiculous heifer and kept us all sick.  And hospitalized.  And sick.  And repeat.

Like 4 times.

But that's another post.

We are openly embracing Spring (did I say that already???) and SO SO SO ready for summer. 
I must admit....this picture of Ava "sort of" makes me miss those snowy days.

When it's -25 who wants to play in the real snow?

So we made fake snow.  Click HERE for recipe. 
One of those 60 degree days.

One of our favorite NICU nurses came to spend the afternoon...straight from East Tennessee!

"I should have worn gloves.  I should have worn gloves.  I should have worn gloves."

These two. Thank you, Jesus.

Sass queen.

100 days of 1st Grade!

St. Valentine brought fish for the girls.  They are now dead.

Looking ahead to SPRING!

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