It's a DATE!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We have a date! On April 7th, Alli will undergo extensive testing (x-rays, blood work, developmental assessments, etc.) to establish her baseline.  On April 8th, she will be admitted for a sedated MRI and bone marrow harvest or shame harvest (whichever card she draws).  She will remain in ICU following the harvest and will be discharged within 24-48 hours post harvest. 

We will not know for an entire year if she received her actual stem cells or the placebo. If Alli is chosen as the placebo, she would have the opportunity to crossover and receive cells at the 12 month mark.  That's the part we hate about this and have devoted our heaviest focus of prayer towards.  Why would we risk being a placebo when we can go to Panama tomorrow and KNOW she is getting cells??  Through every question God has reminded us over and over to simply "trust him for it."  Those words have sustained us from the very beginning. 

Post harvest, it's business as usual plus some.  We're currently awaiting dates and a plan of attack for her intensive therapies (sensory integration in LA and feeding in Indiana).  There are still a ton of variables to figure out there so your support and prayers are greatly needed. 

But more than anything, please pray with us for supernatural health for Alli, pre and post harvest and infusion.  More specifically, post harvest.  We don't want those cells wasted on ANYTHING other than where they need to be going......her brain!! 

I can't put into words how unprecedented this study is, on so many levels.  From just the idea that  bone marrow could potentially treat CP to the families and their supporters fronting the money for the study. 

It's huge, y'all!  We are so greatly honored to be a part of something so much bigger than any of us.  And for the sake of so many more people than just us.  One of only 15 chosen for the bone marrow protocol....out of a "gazillion from all over the world" (actual words from Dr. Cox). 

There is hope that living with the chronic and debilitating effects of cerebral palsy, will not always have to be the case. 

This girl has the biggest testimony of anyone I've ever met and then some.  God's plans for her are irrevocable. 

And in case you missed it on FB.....Our sweet girl, defying diagnosis after diagnosis since before she was even born. Now climbing stairs without my assistance (and not a skill even being worked all).

Take that, CP!

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