Preemie Goes to School

Friday, January 24, 2014

You read that right! 

But I guess I should actually have titled it, "The school came to our Preemie." 

Regardless, TODAY was Alli's FIRST day of school!   

If you've followed our journey at all, you know what a big deal today is for our family.  What a huge milestone today represents. 

This road has been paved with many ups and many downs.  Many bumps.  Many broken bridges we've had to find a way across.  Many "no's."  Too many "can'ts" to count.  Many dark days.  Many bright days. 

And many proud moments. 

Today was one of those proud moments. 

I am very simply so so proud. 

This fragile, broken life we've been living has tried to take us down.  Many times. 

But today is proof, y'all.  God continues to carry us through.  Carry us forward.  All the unknowns.  All the what if's.  All the uncertainties surrounding our girl and her little life that are even yet to come. 

I mean, look at far she has come??! 

Sending Alli to school was actually such an easy decision.  Made so easy by the fact the school is coming to our home.  We could have sent her to school.  We could have done nothing.  Alli just started walking, she can't eat.  She can't talk.  She's so much more vulnerable than your typical 3 year old. 

The thought of sending that sweet girl out into an unknown world without me.  And without being able to tell me things.  Without being able to express her needs, wants, desires, pains. 

Well, It just couldn't happen yet. 

Besides her immune system.  Besides her heart and lungs. 

It just couldn't happen yet.

But John and I also knew she needed more.  And thankfully that more was more than accommodating.  We believe this will be such a good thing for her.  And today only fuels the fire. 

It's going to be so good, y'all! 

I can't get over the cuteness!  I had to have a pre "pre-school" photo shoot, just as I've done with our middle and big A's.  Alli was a little less compliant, but we did document this BIG day in our life.  Backpack, lunchbox and all! 

I adore this picture.  This is her.

And this blurry mess makes my heart explode.  She's almost running, full on y'all!

School is in session! 
I tried not to be a helicopter mom, but let's face it.  When you've walked in our shoes, or any shoes of a medically fragile and/or special needs're going to hover. 
I got in there for a few shots and then let them be.  Alli does better when I'm out of sight.  She seeks refuge in me if she spies me so I thought best to just hide behind the couch. 
Alli's teacher, Ms. Heather and Speech Therapist, Ms. Stephanie worked on colors, sounds, simple commands, and various other toddler/pre-school skills! 
We've got a long way to go. 

But slow and steady has gotten us this far....

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