New Years Eve ~ A Team Style

Monday, January 6, 2014

With the exception of a sick Alli, our New Years Eve was practically perfect.  We painted, made a time capsule, shot fireworks, ate, ate some more, drank Sprite out of wine goblets (the champagne glasses are still packed away until we make our forever home in Branson), and fell asleep 2 minutes before the ball dropped.  
Yep.  2  minutes. 
I got the time capsule idea HERE
And our "Blessing Box," well....I'm not sure where that idea came from.  We initiated it several years ago.  In the past, we've always given the Blessing Box on Christmas Eve.  This year we waited until New Years Eve and I'm thinking this will be our new tradition, encompassing the entire year.  We get so caught up during Christmas that I think the real meaning of the Blessing Box is missed.  But regardless of when it has been given, my girls are so excited.  You would think it was a trip to Disney or the it toy.  But there is absolutely nothing in the box.  Each year the box is given to the one who has blessed us the most throughout the year.  Obviously, they all have.  It's just our little way of showing our littles what a blessing they truly are.  A little encouragement and hope in the everyday.  

This sums up my big girl.

Making our time capsule.

Ava received this years "Blessing Box."

Hat, sparkler, horn anybody??


And, the morning after.


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