Alli's 3rd Birthday!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

In case you missed it, here's Alli's birthday video on YouTube 

I struggled all week to find the perfect song for her birthday video.  I tried several different songs,  but nothing ever seemed right.  Too long.  Too sad.  Too perky.  Too this.  Too that. 

I first heard You Know Me last summer.  Two crazy friends, Amber and Julie and myself, sat up all night with this song on repeat.  It very well could have been written just for Alli Cat.  And I knew that night I would use it for something. 

It encompasses so much of her past.  But also so much of her future.  And at the beginning and end of it all, God has seen.  He has heard every single prayer lifted up on her behalf.  He's seen every single tear.  He knows all the things we need.  All the things she needs. 

All the things we don't even have the words to ask for. 

As I look back over these last three years all I can see are supernatural details

Supernatural goodness, miracles, faithfulness.  


Nothing is hidden from His sight. 

He knows every single detail of her life. 

He doesn't miss a thing. 

He knows Alli!   

Every single intricate detail. 

Inside and out.

Just WOW!

He's so good, y'all!  So good!

Our day celebrating this big kid!
 Food, cake, balloons, naps and more!  Such a good day celebrating our littlest A!

Alli was actually most impressed with her cards....especially if they had Mickey Mouse on the front! 

Excuse the red eye!  Editing currently not working ;-)

The big girls ENJOYED the Crash Pad! 


Love this one!

As good as we could get!



This doll is based on her birth stats.  What a difference 3 years makes!

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