Thursday, December 12, 2013

We did it, y'all!  No joke.  Our little Alli G will begin Special Education Pre-K on January 24 (read on to see what that will look like). We are very excited and not a single.bit. nervous for her to get this started!  Fully anticipating great things for our girl!   

Just google IEP.  You will find a plethora of fellow special needs parents nervously anticipating these meetings.  Hiring attorneys.  Advocates.  Pulling out their hair.  Celebrating with Margs after review, after meeting, after review, after meeting, after more review.

And the memes. 

The memes.

While it wasn't a day at the beach, it also wasn't that bad.  And I'll admit, almost too easy.  I want to begin by saying that I KNOW we are lucky, not having to fight for services with our district (so far).  In fact, we've been given more than we've asked for.  Our number one concern/goal was to receive services at home, not in the school.  They never batted an eye.  And for all of it, we're so so thankful.  There is honestly such an amazing team surrounding our daughter.  It's good stuff, y'all!   

Here's the skinny on Alli's IEP:

Home services:  She'll receive a Special Ed Pre-K teacher, OT, PT, and Speech therapist all in our home.  Alli will not be going to school, per se.  School will be coming to her. 

Because of her young age, severe delays, and physical and health limitations/endurance her services will look like the following:

1 hour/week OT in home to work on fine motor and sensory integration

1 hour/week PT in home to work gross motor up, running, climbing stairs, kicking a ball, etc!! 

1 hour/week Speech therapy in home to continue working on communication (communication device, signing, etc.).

1 hour/week Special Education Teacher in home (she is the classroom teacher for the Special ED Pre-k).

In addition, we will continue with our private pay/insurance therapies she is currently receiving (OT, PT, Speech, Feeding).  If you're keeping count that will be 2 hours/week PT, 3 hours/week OT, 3 hours/week Speech AND adding the following:

Hippotherapy – a form of physical, occupational and speech therapy in which a therapist uses the characteristic movements of a horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input. Everyone seems to think Alli will greatly benefit from this! 

Music Therapy – Alli responds so well to music and we are very excited to add this to our long list of therapies. 

ABA Therapy – assuming we find the right therapists that does in-home.

Somewhere in there we'll sleep, I'm sure of it! 

Cheers to BIG things for our girl in 2014! 


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