2013 in Review

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We started 2013 off with sickness.  I guess it makes sense that we're ending it that way as well.  But for the most part, this has been a healthy year.  Mixed with the addition of a few new diagnoses for Alli and Ava having pneumonia in August. 

You know. 

We'd be boring otherwise. 

But there are all those little moments in between.  The tough.  The easy.  The fun.  The mundane.  The challenges.  The miracles.  Those moments make up us.  While 2013 has brought its on challenges, it has also brought its own joy.  2013 has been a work in progress of looking ahead to where we're going.  Instead of where we have been.  2014 will be the year of regeneration in our family.  For all of us.  Top to bottom.  And there will be joy. 

I'm claiming it.  

As I looked back at my 2012 in Pictures Post  I can't help but to reiterate my sentiments from then. 

God is faithful. 

Being used for His glory can and does hurt. 

The waiting, the stretching, the lessons learned will forever outweigh any struggles and pain. 

We're pressing into 2014.  It has some big shoes to fill and lots of work ahead.  Regeneration, Thanksgiving, & Joy are the cry of my heart for 2014. 

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And then without further ado,
Our Year in Review

Alli turned 2

Many days spent painting with these two.



Flying kites with Papaw

In April, Alli began attempting to walk holding just one of our hands. She did this first with her Papaw.

Anna Claire started soccer in the spring and proved to be a baller.

Captured this celebratory hug between coach Daddy and player right after scoring her very first goal.

Kindergarten Field Day

Alli was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in March and received her walker soon after.

Extreme Sundaes at TKA!


And then....we had a Kindergarten graduate. 

Summer begins!

Dance recital

These two really bonded this year

Ava E turns 4!!!!

4th of July Celebration

We took a trip to Branson at the end of July.  While we knew we would eventually be moving to Missouri within the next year, we failed to realize if God has a plan....He moves.  And FAST!

Back home enjoying our last few days poolside and with dear friends. FYI:  We're going to miss this pool!

And three weeks later, we were packing up our home. I don't believe in the "When God closes a door He opens a window," bit.  But I do believe, when He calls, you better answer.

1st Grade

Anna Claire turns 7

Add caption

Ava Liz starts Pre-K

In October, we traveled to Nashville for Auntie's spectacular wedding.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Halloween 2013
Alli starts independent walking at 34 months old!

Snow Days

Still working on sensory/eating.  Shhh...don't tell Alli 2014 is also the year she's going to eat. Claim it.

And just like that, 2013 comes to an end.
Prayers of Health, blessings, Favor, & Joy for you in 2014.



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