OT Shenanigans and More

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another OT session in the books for this week. Alli did extremely well today with "seated tasks." Now that she's walking and we've axed the wheelchair, we'll be experimenting with different chair options such as this one. There are concerns of scoliosis along with the worsening of her chest cavity deformity, so proper upright posturing/positioning is being addressed (we're praying to avoid surgery or any other means of treatment for this). Not to mention, seated tasks are more easily done, while seated. "Regular" chairs don't provide her the proper support and input she needs. She received her Benik Trunk Orthosis Vest today in hopes to provide more support and stability in her trunk along with serving as a compression vest for her severe sensory issues. Two birds with one stone!

We rescheduled GI in St Louis that was scheduled for today and traded it for starting Thanksgiving break early! This will be our first Thanksgiving in 10 years spent with our families!!

John and I are forever thankful for our family, friends, and prayer warriors who continue to lift up our girl, and entire family, as we walk this journey carved out just for us.

Happy Thanksgiving and much love! 

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