Happy "Feeding Therapy" Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to us! What are the chances that the day before the most feasted holiday, St Mary's Feeding Disorder clinic FINALLY calls to schedule the phone intake with their director for next Thursday!! At the end of that intake we will have an appointment for her evaluation in Evansville, IN, followed by playing the waiting game for her 6-8 week intensive feeding clinic (IF she's even accepted).

Alli has made progress in the sensory and oral defensiveness/aversion area, though she is still a million miles away from where she needs to be.  We believe these small steps will still provide the perfect time and response for the treatment.  If you remember at the beginning of this year, we were heartbroken to be told we were still so far away from this being a possibility for our girl.  Just as much as we wanted her to walk, we desperately want her to eat as well.   

Please pray with us that this is HER time, that the acceptance process is quick, that insurance gives us 0 trouble, and that she is mind blowing receptive to the treatment!! Because honestly, this is the toughest developmental battle of all of them.

She is closer and closer every.single.day. Happy Thanksgiving! Be blessed and much love! ...

If you are interested in reading more about the feeding program we are seeking for Alli, check this link:


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