Initial IEP Meeting-Continued

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'll be frank, I spent most of yesterday on the verge of throwing up. 

For no good reason mind you...

At the end of the day she's our kid and we can still say NO when her health and development are concerned.   

There are nightmare IEP stories.  Let me just tell you.  Google it.  Trust me.  They are there. I think I've probably read them all. 

I've also read the law.  I'm versed on the do's and don't.  The in's and out's.  To the best of my ability I think I am a dang good advocate for our daughter. 

And while it wasn't necessarily a day on a Caribbean beach, sipping a drink with an umbrella...

It really wasn't that bad. 

I mean.

You pray, you focus, you advocate. 

You get through. 

And while nothing is set in stone, the actual IEP hasn't been written, there are many more steps, many more tests, evaluations, meetings.....there is still a HUGE sense of peace. 

And a huge feeling that this is such a good thing.  Such a good step.  Such a BIG step for our girl.

I never in a million years thought I would be ready to send Alli to pre-school.

The kid can't eat, walk, or talk.

How will they know if her needs are being met?  

How will I know if her needs are being met?  She can't tell me?

Will they just let her "sit" there?

Would she actually learn anything?

What about if a kid pulls out her g-tube?

What if she has a seizure?

What about respiratory distress?

What about all the kids, the teachers, the therapists, the aides??

And while WE ARE NOT sending Alli to pre-school in January, we might.....just might send her in the spring. 

What a big deal, y'all!  I mean a really really BIG deal.  And can you believe that they were talking about when she goes to kindergarten. 

Because that's our goal, right??  To transition her into a mainstream classroom.  Where she is learning with peers her age.  Where she grows up to be, heaven forbid the word, normal.   

Seems like such a huge feat, doesn't it??

And it is.  Given her diagnoses.  And all the new things they are trying to find wrong with her.  It is a huge feat.   

But we will pray, focus, and advocate. 

And we will get through. 

In January, Alli will transition to the school system.  She will have a pre-school special education teacher, an OT, PT, and Speech therapists all come to OUR HOME, at different times, once a week.  We're sort of already use to that. 

And meanwhile, we'll be continuing her therapies in Springfield. 

Business as usual. 

And in the Spring....

Well, we'll reevaluate and maybe, I think I already said, just maybe....

Send Alli to school for one day a week. 


We're beyond impressed with the Branson School System.  And while they want Alli in the actual program 4 days a week, they are more than accommodating.  Granted the thing hasn't been written, but man, they talk a good game if not.  The teachers were precious.  The therapists were 

The actual facilities.  The equipment.  The classrooms.  The kids.  The teachers.  The therapists.  The aides. 

I can't even describe it. 

Such an incredible feeling and makes me so excited for our girl.  So, so, so excited for her. 

Now in late breaking news......


Take THAT, CP!!!!





  1. Replies
    1. Yay!!! Thanks for all your words of wisdom!

  2. That's huge! Way to go little climber!

  3. I'm sitting at work...nearly in tears at the CLIMBING!!! Love that girl!

    1. Nothing is stopping her now! She's climbing on everything! Tried to get on the counter just yesterday! Stinker!


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