Friday, October 25, 2013

This week.  I'm glad you are almost over.  In fact, early dismissal again today.  Two days in a row.  Jesus does indeed love me! 

We had Anna Claire's Parent Teacher Conference yesterday.  She was a complete and utter mess. 

"Daddy, Mrs. OK is going to say I talk too much!"

John replies, "Baby, you don't have a choice. You're my daughter."

It's a get out of jail free card when your Daddy talks that simply has to be!

Of course those Hensley's aren't real shy people either. 

DNA can be hard on little babies and 1st graders can be soooo dramatic. 

Her teacher confirmed she is indeed a genius, nothing we didn't know.  We're not proud or boastful either.  Really we're not.  I didn't flash that on my Facebook....those are annoying posts.  But here, I proudly will share.  We also found out....hold your breath.....she doesn't listen and talks too much.

I don't know a single soul in this family who rolls that way.  Not a one (insert hysterical laughing). 

She was simply devastated.  But this morning was ok, with the "things she needs to work on."  It only took 12 hours to convince her it could have been worse. 

Anna Claire also finally started dance this week and of course loves it....we added hip hop, tumbling, and ballet/jazz.  I wish I had a picture.  Parent fail. 

In Ava news, she's adjusting to Pre-school so well!  It took a little bit.  Despite being a bubbly personality at home, she is really my shy bones.  It takes her awhile to warm up to new people and places.  It really is an endearing feature of hers and God continues stretching me in how to parent someone so completely different than her sister and what my own personal personality is like. 

Her pre-school is a parent cooperative, meaning that once a month, I have to go in as the parent helper in her class.  Yesterday was my day and Ava loved showing me off and showing me all the super cool things they are doing in her school.  The firemen came and brought a big engine.  It was a really good day with my girl!  I'm excited she and I are going to be getting this time together.  It's much needed.   

Ava will begin dance next Monday.  She's nervous.  I'm nervous.  I want for her to so badly be able to tear away from my leg long enough to enjoy.  And hopefully, she will.  She loves loves loves to dance.  She is our resident ballerina and princess so I know, she'll love it.  It's just getting passed the new people, new place thing. 

Alli had 15 million hours of therapy this week.  World record, huh!?  Only slightly kidding, but her therapies did kick in high gear this week.  She has PT-twice, OT-twice, Speech-twice, feeding-once and we're waiting on another day to open up.  We're currently awaiting ABA Therapy recommendations and that may very soon be another avenue we take.  This week Alli stood alone by herself for the first time, 7 whole seconds.  She also got into and out of a chair unprompted and unassisted.

Her sensory diet is going over very well!  I have a post I've been working on about sensory diets, but it's going to be a long I'm trying to split it up appropriately and continue to write all of my spare time, you know!!?? 

We're looking forward to carving pumpkins, making cookies, and laying low this weekend.  It's getting super cold.  I always said East Tennessee was the hottest AND coldest place on the planet.   It has officially been replaced by Branson. 


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