Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Somewhere between early 2013 after spending a year and a half and 750,000 hours of research, I let it go. 

I gave it to God (probably somewhere around this post) . 

I gave it to Him.....As I should have from the very beginning. 

We still prayed everyday.  We still diligently worked at getting Alli to eat.

But we've always known that minus a touch from God, she wouldn't eat and that there was not a program fit to meet her severe issues: sensory, dysphagia, behavioral, aversions, oral motor. 

Until last week when God literally handed us a gift and said, "this is it."

You know how I know?

I thought I had seen and heard it all (side note: I've looked over this method thinking it was the same ol' thing).  I also thought there was no one to help us. 

I've done hours and hours (750,000 is probably not too far off) of research.  I've talked with people from Seattle to France....from Germany to Virginia.  Literally all over the world. 

When I said we would go anywhere and do anything, I meant it. 


And I mean everyone we have come across says Alli's case is different.  An incredibly severe feeding disorder.  To be honest, not much hope has ever been given.....even by the biggest names in the feeding guru business. 

We've always....

I repeat, always believed in our girl and most importantly in God to deliver in His time.  John and several others have even prophesied that this move is going to open up healing in all areas for Alli.

All areas.  

We know it. 

There is something different about this time.  I'm certain it's because it wasn't my time. 

I mean.  How can I leave my family for 8 weeks of intense therapy in another state when we JUST moved here? 

I have always said I would.  It's finally SO close to happening!

And you know what, it's going to work!

God's perfect timing.


Will you pray with us?
  • Pray with us that when the time is right, our number is called and Alli and I will embark on the 6-8 week (7 days a week) intensive feeding therapy. 
  • Pray with us that insurance lines up and gives our girl a chance. 
  • Pray with us that the 15 month waiting list somehow opens up for Alli in the spring (we would NOT do an intensive during cold and flu season....her lung and heart health come FIRST). 
  • Pray with us that this works.  And it will.
  • Pray with us that our entire daily lives are worked out during the 6-8 weeks.  It already baffles my mind how we'll manage Anna Claire and Ava, but we MUST remember this is only for a season.
Thank you for loving our girl and family! 

My shopping partner....for a few more days.  RSV season is around the corner. 

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  1. Praying for the miracle Alli needs, that you all need!


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