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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Since the BIG move from east Tennessee to Branson, Missouri I am finally getting caught up with a few things.  There is still so much to be done, mainly in the garage/storage areas, but we'll get there in the off season. 
One of the things I'm getting caught up on is pictures.  I'm always taking pictures, printing them is another story.  My New Years Resolution, in September, is to begin printing pictures....and backing them up.  One would think after dealing with several computer crashes and loss of files and pics over the years I would have learned.  I didn't.  But I now have everything on automatic backup and I am beginning to print pictures.  Resolutions during the middle of the year probably work out better, right??! 
We didn't do a whole lot of fancy this summer.  We took Alli's therapies down a notch and just went 3 days a week.  Choosing to spend extra time in our pool, with friends, and just being. 
Here's a glimpse of our lazy summer days in Tennessee.....

Fishing with Papaw!

Sweet friends

They call this therapy

Dancing queens

Tooth pulling

Painting for Preemies


4th Birthdays

Summer nights

Vacation Bible School


Ava is in that picture somewhere...

Gun totin', skeet shootin'

Fish catchin'

Fishing with Papaw!

Our last annual Tennessee Back to School Swimming bash

Moving day....

Lots of friends came to say, "See you later!"
Anna Claire is thoroughly LOVING 1st grade, Ava is enjoying having some quality time with Mama during the day, and Alli is working hard playing.  We've now been in Branson, exactly 1 month today, settling in well....but ready for another summer.  :)  


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