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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Festival at the Academy, Field trip to Fort Kid and The Discovery Center/Planetarium, Field Day, Soccer, more Soccer,  Spring Concert, more Soccer, Extreme Sundaes, and you guessed it.......more soccer.  We still have one more soccer game (today), a field trip to the Knoxville Zoo on Monday, and the LAST day of Kindergarten followed by graduation on Tuesday evening.....and we've still managed to get Alli to her therapies and clinics   I'm exhausted just thinking about the last three weeks.  The end of year activities have made me sad, grateful, and so ready for summer.  We love, love, love Anna Claire's school and CAN NOT believe our baby girl will be heading to 1st grade in the Fall.  Seems completely unreal.  I hope we can get a week of rest before all the summer fun begins! 
Festival at the Academy

Lunch and play at Fort Kid

The Discovery Center/Planetarium


Field Day


Parents verses Kids

Elementary Spring Concert



Followed by a hose down from the Fire Trucks 

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