Friday, February 8, 2013

This morning, like every morning, I kissed my Anna Claire goodbye as she and John ran out the door for another day of kindergarten.  She is our light.  She knows exactly how to make me laugh or smile 


After they were out the door, I had my quiet time....I always have anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour depending on when Ava and Alli wake.  God gave me quiet reminders and a push about being prepared when an assignment comes.  I'm almost never ready.  Learning to try to always be prepared when He calls.  I've had many epic fails recently.  Grace.     


When Ava wakes up she always wants her choc-chit milk.  She's always specific.....Don't shake it, don't make it hot, don't make it cold, make it juuuuuust right.  We snuggled in the chair while she watched her shows (i.e. Nick Jr).  So thankful I was able to give her a moment of just me. 

When Alli woke up, we did our morning ritual and then I put her braces on her legs.  She was busier than normal.  She couldn't wait to get away fast enough.  Straight towards her push toy to practice her moves.   

I came back through the living room to find this. 

I'm so giddy about this picture it's not even funny!  It's typical Belin girl....pacy, ponytail, phone! 

When I look at this picture I see all the conversations we had with doctors about what her life and our lives would look like "if"  she were to survive.  I am beyond thankful for God's grace, mercy, favor, and protection poured out over our entire family the last two years.  Not just for Alli, that's a given.  But for us all.  

But God.  But God, He stepped in and it's like nothing we were told to expect.   

Is it still difficult?  Yes. 

Is it ideal?  No.

Do we wish there was an easy button or a secret potion to make this all different?  Yes.

grace, mercy, favor, and protection

He has poured so much into our sweet big girls, Anna Claire and Ava.  And provided for that in our marriage.  Almost like "blinders."    

It's certainly not easy on Anna Claire and Ava to take a back seat while Alli's continued medical and developmental needs have to ride up front.  But He continues to carry all of us.  Their adjustments to what our life is like behind closed doors has been nothing short of a miracle.  Parenting the Special Needs Siblings can almost be as tough as our Special Needs Child herself. 

But I've learned that I never have to worry about that.  I have tears just thinking about His love for us.  And I could never be thankful enough. 



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