Look who's 2!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Two weeks ago today, Alli Grace turned 2!!  Thanks to a pair of crappy lungs and being born in the middle of RSV season, we had to celebrate like Hermits (no pun intended towards my husband’s high school mascot, the Hustling Hermits). 

While I love nothing more than planning my girl’s parties, I have to admit I loved the no stress and low maintenance feeling of this day.  In fact, the highest point of stress was that I didn’t have matching plates for the cupcakes I grabbed last minute at Gigi’s.  Oh how I’m laughing at my former OCD ways.  Lesson learned. 
But….rest assured, this little girl will get one heck of a birthday party…..
One day.  
This baby loves....to be swung, flipped, and to spin around and around and around and around.  

And this baby loves....Mickey Mouse.  He's the only man that can get her to even eat a "bite" of food. 


This is called progress.  

Major progress. 
Look at all that "progress" on her tray, in her hair, on her shirt, and hands!  

Can't believe you are 2, baby girl!
You are SO loved!




  1. Oh Jackie. I can't believe how big she is getting! She is so beautiful.


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