Christmas 2012 in Review

Monday, January 7, 2013

I know I’m a weee bit behind, but Christmas kicked me in the rear.  It came out of nowhere and just like that, it was gone.  My head is still spinning by the events of the last two weeks.  Anna Claire went back to school today, so I guess it really is over.  It’s time to take winterfest down.  It may take me a few weeks, but one of my goals in 2013 is to be more organized.  My normal OCD little self left us during Alli’s NICU stay.  While I don’t want all of her back, I wouldn’t care for just a tiny bit.    If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’m purging things that have needed to be purged for years.  And it feels so good. 

School let out Friday, December 21 and the party was ON!  After a short Christmas program and party at Anna Claire’s school, we were ready for the best Christmas party at our home in Tennessee.  Just the 5 of us.  Saturday, we delivered blankets to the NICU’s in Knoxville.  Sunday, we did church in the morning and then the candlelight service that evening.  Christmas Eve we had our sweet friend, Tammy, over for dinner and games.  And then came our family Christmas Eve and Christmas day festivities.    

There was fun, laughs, good food, games, cookies, fudge, grapes & coke for Santa (since everyone leaves milk & cookies), Barbies, dolls, and lots of love….oh yeah, and there was RSV.   Baby girl decided we weren’t fun enough and thought she would shake things up with a trip to the ER on Christmas night….just before dinner. 

I’m so thankful we managed to stay home while Alli was sick.  Poor Anna Claire was a trooper.  She didn’t complain a single second about being stuck at home during her Christmas break.  I guess she knew it was better than being in the hospital. 

Praying the rest of this winter and all of 2013 remains UNEVENTFUL.      

Christmas party at TKA

Preemie Siblings wheeling in blankets to the NICU. 

I've entered these doors  a million and one times. 

One of our favorite Neonatologist.  One of the few who never gave up on our girl.   

Dang good nurse.....and now friend!

Just some of the blankets.  THANK YOU for your support! 

Christmas Eve jammies.  You can tell Alli is starting to feel bad here.   

Love family game nights.

Spreading the reindeer food

Our reindeer (AKA Chocolate Lab, Belle) ate most of it.

Santa locked them in the hall.

The coveted gift, American Girl Doll Kenna. 

Our Barbie girl

Sick baby

Thankful for their joy.  It's internal. 


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