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Friday, January 18, 2013

Belt out the most beautiful giggles when she’s tickled. 
Crawl all over the place.  She is a pro.   
Climb onto and off the couch, and boy is she proud.
Play Patty Cake, The Wheels on the Bus, and Itsy Bitsy Spider.  It lights her up.

Pull up to standing on just.about.anything. 
Give "high five," wave “bye-bye,” sign “eat, more, milk,”  BUT only when she feels like it.   
Clap her hands and feet simultaneously.  For real, that takes talent. 
Take steps when she's holding onto both my hands.   
Maneuver a push toy like none.other.
Rocks a Pebbles Ponytail on top of her head.   Like no one else. 
Give kisses in a mirror.
Tell us ”No.”  Typical two year old fashion. 
Turn pages in a book.  She loves, loves, loves books.
Fuss.  My goodness-a-gracias if things aren’t going her way….she can fuss.
Hug.  Those little arms wrapped around my neck are heaven. 
Babble the best and wettest “La-la-la’s, Ma-Ma-Ma’s, and Da-Da-Da’s. 
She can love. 
Oh my heaven’s sakes can she can love. 
Out of everything she can’t do and then all the things she can….
Isn't love what it's all about? 
At the end of every day she can love. 
And she knows she is loved.
There are days where I consume myself with all of her can’ts. 
The extent of her feeding issues, her sensory issues, all the questions surrounding her diagnoses, future diagnoses, disabilities, what her life will look like in 20 years.
They are still there.
Fresh on my mind. 
But they can’t…..
Nothing she can’t do can even remotely come close the all the things she can.
And her love.
And the way she’s changed how we love. 
Truly unconditional love.  Truly.   


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