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Monday, December 17, 2012

Absolutely struggling today.  Every.single.time I look at one of my girls I get teary eyed.  Survivor's guilt has hit me a few times today....I keep thinking, my daughter shouldn't be here.  Their children were here and were well.  The thought is completely unrealistic, I know, but it's there. 
But the real struggle is looking in the innocent eyes of my 6 year old and imagining the unthinkable loss these families are experiencing. 
Today, I can't hold them tight enough. 
I struggled to send Anna Claire to school today.  Truth be told, I kept her home.  Every bone in my body just wants to keep her home for the rest of the week.  Home schooling looks so good right now.  But I can't shelter her.  I can't shelter any of them.  John and I will do our dang best to keep them from growing up in a dark world.  Our only way to combat that darkness is to keep them in the light.  Completely saturate them in prayer and Jesus, give them all our love, give them our attention and our time, and fill their childhood with happiness, joy, morals, respect, and that old fashioned word again, love.  
To the families in Newton, Connecticut: we are grieving with you.  Our prayers are with you.  
Anna Claire's Field Trip and Christmas Concert


Anna Claire and her sweet friend, Bella

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