RSV Saving Grace

Monday, December 10, 2012

The saving grace during RSV season is HANDS DOWN, mild temperatures and beautiful weather.  I'm a homebody, I swear I am, but when you have to be home, that's another story.

It's only December and I've hit stir crazy more times than I can count.  So when I saw that the weather outside was not so frightful this past weekend, we jumped on the chance to get out and about.

Saturday was the Seymour Christmas Parade.  Anna Claire's dance company dressed as Toy Soldiers.  It was her first real parade to be a part of (not including those from school) and she was thrilled.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  75 degrees, sunny, slight wind.  Happy Mama and Daddy and very happy babies! 


The reaction we get when she first sees sunlight.  Bless it. 

And then came Sunday.  Honestly, one of the best days we've all had in some time.  We had several different events we had been invited to, but John declared it family fun day.  So it was.  After church, I came home and we made preparations for the afternoon. 

Sunday drive?  No.

Sunday hike?  No.

Fishing?  Perfect idea. 

We grabbed our picnic lunch (um, Olive Garden is a picnic lunch, right??) and headed down to the river in Gatlinburg.  It was simply perfection being the only ones on that river.  God made the most perfect day for my little family. 

"Why aren't the fish biting??" 

Perfection of a day.  With weather like this, we might just make it through RSV isolation after all. 


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