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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I know it might seem odd that I give a weekly recap in the middle of the week, but it takes me until Wednesday to catch my breath from the previous week......and then some. 

Last week we worked pretty hard with some fine motor skills.  Alli is not a fan and prefers to tune us out and suck on her paci instead. 

This is probably a favorite activity for my older girls.....

Putty with "googly eyes" buried inside.  They love to rescue the eyes and it's a great fine motor activity.  But, for the one who needs it the most....She'll just throw it in the floor.

Such is....

This week Alli has been struggling to eat even a few bites each sitting.  Progress has digressed.  Her sensory issues have kicked it in gear which kicks me in the rear, but Ava discovered that Mickey would get Alli's attention.....

And she had a few days of success. 

Until Ava discovered she no longer wanted to share Mickey....

And eating once again went down hill....

I'm seriously loving watching these two begin to "play" together. 

Anna Claire and her friends from "Fabulous" took 1st Place at The King's Academy TKA's Got Talent!!  I'll share more pictures from this fun event later!

Alli learned how to climb onto the couch!  Milestones are huge these days!  She has a bunch of "small" milestones that have been exploding all over the place.  One of my favorites is connecting that she can make a toy workShe has started initiating play with toys and it is so amazing to watch.

Truly fun too!

And I absolutely couldn't leave this one out.  ADORE.

I've had quite a bit of QT time with our sweet Ava E this week and I've loved every single minute. 


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